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This is a list of sponsors of NatPro UK and distributors of health related products who we can wholeheartedly recommend here in London and throughout UK.



Orthomedical Co are suppliers of unique Air belts Disc Dr which is the only type of support belt recommended by chiropractors. These unique belts unlike conventional support belts support, gently traction and even stimulate muscles of the spine and have shown very good success in treating disc herniation, slipped disc and other conditions of the spine.

They also supply barefoot insoles which combain properties of arch supporting insoles but can be worn on your bare foot. PUX insoles are absolutely invaluable for you if you are used to be barefoot at home, but require arch supports to stop foot pronation (flat foot). Very light and comfortable PUX barefoot insoles will help to avoid knee and back pain through re-alignment of your feet when standing and walking.


 We use: Tie-once orthopedic shoelaces. WhyKnot 


We buy sunglasses from this amazing collection at Star Sunglasses. They are biggest online retailers of shades in UK, they keep their prices down and the selection is most current.



 Thanks to our sponsors - highly recommended natural hair products From Reviline.

Professional hair products online